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At Casagoda we specialise in furniture and home interior accessories, which offer great value and high quality. We have handpicked products to give your home that luxurious and stylish feel. We believe great design is for everyone. No gimmicks. Just high end furniture that everyone can afford.


We understand the need for meticulous attention to detail, taking into account a wide range of lifestyles and interests. Casagoda provides timeless designs of furniture and home accessories to suit every taste.

The look of our furniture is mixed with furniture, fabrics and accessories both modern and contemporary as well as the more classic and traditional designs. We have on trend colours and textures to create beautiful and versatile classic interiors.

Our collections are designed to outlive today’s trends and evolve with your changing style and lifestyle.

Customers benefit from the design knowledge and experience that Casagoda offers with knowledgeable staff. We put the customer at the heart of our business and go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with the furniture we have carefully selected.


We wanted a unique name, which represented not only the fact we specialise in home furnishings and interior décor, but also our keen interest in wealth of global interior design and architecture.

The world is enriched with colour, culture and diversity. That’s exactly what we want to emulate. Therefore we picked two words associated with a loving home and great architecture.

So lets start with the word Casa. In Spanish (and many other languages) Casa means Home.

Having travelled the world to bring you the best interiors, we were inspired by the Pagoda structures across the Far East. We absolutely loved the mesmerizing simplicity of the tiered tower building. They reminded us of a family home being built in layers. So we brought the two together in a sort of East meets West tradition and came up with CasaGoda. A combination of Western (and Latin) home and Eastern elegance and opulence.


So we hope you like our name as much as you’ll love our handpicked quality products, which will add flair of style and sophistication to your home. Take a look at our ever increasing collection of furniture and home gifts to upgrade your ‘Casa’.